Our Philosophy

One downside of being a Global citizen is the ever-increasing demand in modern life for things to be faster, bigger and better.

We at ‘the diner lennox’ provide a refuge for those who seek to take pleasure in a simple and fresh “slow” food approach or as we say Festna Lente or to hasten slowly.

The world’s first Brasserie’s were eating houses attached to the great breweries of France, later these developed to offer coffee, wine, and Absinthe.

Early brasseries were more to society than just a place for a meal or a drink. These were the place where people of fashion could congregate, gathering-places for Artists and for the great thinkers of our times, merchants and lawyers, booksellers and authors….. and hairdressers, plumbers, butchers, pharmacists, estate agents, builders, baristas, surfers and swimmers….. a thread in the fabric of the community.

The diner lennox continues this age old story of food, wine, beer and people.